The Way of How to Grow Watermelons in Your Home Garden

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There are the way of grow watermelon in your garden home

Soil Preparation for Watermelons
The soil that you just grow watermelons in ought to be lightweight, well-drained, wealthy with organic matter and deeply ploughed. The roots of a Catullus vulgaris can grow deep into the soil, compost or well decayed manure must be ploughed into the soil to the depth of 8-10 inches.

Grow Watermelon Small Space

How to Plant Watermelon Seeds
Plant watermelon seeds in your home garden fortnight before the scheduled last frost in little hills set concerning twelve feet apart. If you did not use compost of manure within the entire watermelon bed, add a shovel full to every hill that you just build and work into the soil before planting the watermelon seeds.

Form the hills for planting watermelon seeds concerning one foot in diameter and half dozen inches high. Plant your watermelon seeds one in all these 2 ways- Plant many watermelon seeds in one hill, planting in an exceedingly circular pattern, one in. apart. Plant as several seeds as watermelon vines that you just wish, once the seeds germinate and also the watermelon plants are three inches tall, transplant the watermelon plants to the opposite hills you have got fashioned.-OR- Plant a pair of watermelon seeds in every hill you fashioned, simply just in case one watermelon plant does not survive.

Tips for Growing Watermelons
Watermelons should be unbroken off the bottom whereas growing; if they are available into contact with garden soil they are rot on the vascular plant. Once the watermelon vines begin to grow runners and also the gardens soil has warm up, add a thick layer of mulch over the complete watermelon bed. Use straw or sliced leaves and apply a minimum of half dozen inches deep.

Growing Watermelon Black Diamond

Tips For harvest Watermelons
Watermelons style the most effective once allowed ripening on the vascular plant. Harvest the watermelons once the side of the melon has turned from white to yellow and a minimum of three tendrils on either side of the watermelon have died.

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