How to Lay Sod in Your Yard by Yourself

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There are 3 main steps: take away the recent grass / close up the world, unfold new dirt across the world and how to lay sod news on high of the dirt.

Once your yard is clean, it’s time to unfold dirt. Dig a tiny low hole till you reach clay then live what quantity dirt there’s on top of the clay. Ideally, you wish 5 to 6 inches of dirt on top of the clay. If you have already got this a lot of, it’s still recommended to unfold a minimum of one in. of latest soil. Employing a go-cart, dump tiny piles of soil equally across the yard then rake them flat with a dirt rake, ensuring that the surface is sloping removed from your house.

how to lay sod for dummies

Beginning at how to lay sod one corner of the yard, lay items finish to finish on your borderline is to create one long row of sod. Ensure that you just pull the items tight along, going away completely no house between them. After you get to the top of a row, trim any excess length employing a sharp toothed knife sort of a knife. Begin the second row with a half a bit of sod rather than a full piece so the items don’t directly line up with those of the primary row. The items ought to seem offset from each other like bricks during a wall.

This works too however it’s counseled that you just rake it once more an added time when stepping, as this leaves the surface slightly bit jolting. Also, some folks advocate employing a new field chemical, however others argue that lots of water can build the grass grow even as quickly.

how to lay sod grass

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